Attorney explains election lawsuit, says ‘unauthorized implant’ used to circumvent security protocols

May 5, 2021

Last month, Michigan constitutional attorney Matthew DePerno released his much anticipated Michigan Elections Forensics Report.

In the report, expert witnes Dr. Douglas Frank concluded that in nine Michigan counties, including counties in the Detroit metro, over 66,000 ballots were recorded that are not associated with a registered voter from the October 2020 database. Frank also asserted that voter registration was either near or exceeded the population of those counties. Dr. Frank concluded that an algorithm based on census and registration data shifted votes in Michigan.

On Monday, DePerno released an explosive expert exhibit, which claims to have cracked the Dominion code. In court filings, DePerno alleges his expert, Jeff Lenberg, conducted tests that “replicate the vote tally errors” seen in Antrim county. DePerno asserts these errors run counter to the “human error” narrative.

Today, DePerno joined Steve Bannon’s “War Room” to explain the evidence supporting his election lawsuit.


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  1. This is one of the countless articles I’ve watched or read and it’s great. Yes I know Trump won this Election 150%. Yes I’ve read that Trump actually won 45 of 50 states and Calif. WAS one of them. Unbelievable fraud by the Dark Side. We know it , THEY know it and it’s just a matter of time before justice catches up with them. Y O U know it….

  2. People are claiming that those 66,000 voters registered on election day. Election fraud is difficult to tease out.

  3. I’m in Commiefornia and this state absolutely went red for the first time in my memory of voting. Our (real) President was robbed and so were We, The People. We fix it now or we are destined for Communism.

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