Maricopa County ballot batches off by as much as 17.5%

May 14, 2021

Former Trump official Boris Epshteyn joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss a disturbing letter from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.

In the letter, Senator Fann documents several significant discrepancies between the reported number of ballots in each batch versus the actual number.

Although the raw total is fairly small, even a discrepancy of a few ballots per two hundred is significant because the election in Arizona was decided by about two out of eight hundred votes.

President Trump responded to the news, describing the letter as “devastating.”

Read the letter below.

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  1. Dems will never believe any of this because they just want to keep their heads in the sand that their party if full of liars and cheaters.

    • I totally agree with you. Even with all the evidence in the world or even their own biased media finally telling them the truth a year late, they still refuse to admit the facts.

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