‘Panic’ in Georgia: Election Board Hires Criminal Defense Lawyers

May 29, 2021

The Fulton County Election Board hired two high-profile criminal defense attorneys — at taxpayer expense — to ward off an election audit.

“If you’ve stolen something and the evidence starts to come out, you start to panic,” John Fredericks told War Room, Friday. “That’s it.”

Fredericks revealed one of the lawyers hired is Donald Samuel, “the person who defended Ray Lewis, the former linebacker, on a double homicide.”


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    • a crime unraveling before all who are interested…which should be everyone.

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  2. The truth always prevails sooner but most likely latter however better late than never!

  3. If there is nothing to hide then what’s the problem? We all know what the problem is and they are running scared big time.

  4. As it is stated, if there is nothing to hide, then hide nothing. They should welcome the audit to show their elections are honest, truthful, legal, verified. Seems that none of those apply here and they want to hide what’s really under the covers. This isn’t just another recount, but an Audit to compare against registrations, ages, addresses, folds for mail-in ballots, dates, and HOPEFULLY complete machine forensics which are finding discrepancies with ballot counts and log files missing across the nation. This should be interesting, and more should know or be aware of.

  5. We’ve known all along they stole the election. They’ve committed treason and should be treated as traitors. Tried and executed.

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