Naval War College Goes Woke: Hosts Lecture on Critical Race Theory

Screenshot from lecture

June 16, 2021

America’s premier naval institution for research on all questions relating to wargaming and statesmanship hosted an hour-long training session in which students and others were taught that America is “structurally” a racist and sexist country.

During a lecture on issues of national security, P

rofessor Pauline Shanks Kaurin claimed racism and sexism in America is not the result of “a few bad apples.” Rather, she argued the entire American system is corrupted to the core.

She urged students to acceptable responsibility for living in a racist country.

“I did not personally enslave African Americans. I’m not sure any of my ancestors did…but the state of racism in our country and in my household is my responsibility, even if I don’t bear guilt for it.” the professor asserted.

During the lecture, which was posted to the college’s YouTube page in March, Professor Shanks Kaurin revealed she teaches CRT “academically.” She further

disclosed she’s been selected by the Department of Defense to assist in the military’s “extremism stand-down” training.

The War College’s CRT lecture was a part of the insitution’s “Issues in National Security” lectures, which are “specifically designed to offer scholarly lectures to the spouses, partners and significant others of our students; military/civilian employees assigned to the Naval War College and Naval Station Newport and its tenant activities.”

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