Was 1/6 the Result Of An Intelligence Setup? Americans Deserve the Truth.

June 16, 2021

Was January 6th the result of an

intelligence setup or an intelligence failure? That’s a question Darren Beattie and Revolver News are hell-bent on answering.

Earlier this week,

Revolver raised disturbing questions about potential federal foreknowledge of the riotous events that took place at the US Capitol earlier this year.

So far, at least 20 organizers and participants in the January 6th riot have not been federally indicted despite a nationwide dragnet.

Why haven’t those 20 people been charged?

That question led

Revolver and others to investigate whether those 20 people were perhaps working for federal intelligence or law enforcement in some capacity.

The answer remains unknown.

But today on Steve Bannon’s War Room,

Beattie pointed to a number of apparent similarities and coincidences between the “plot” to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Capitol riot.

In October of last year, the FBI announced the arrest of more than one dozen men accused of attempting to

kidnap the Michigan Governor and stormed the state capitol. Many have argued the kidnapping plot was a setup–entrapment by federal law enforcement.

Beattie reported today that five men connected to the Michigan kidnapping plot turned out to be either government informants or undercover agents.

Moreover, Beattie says the FBI supervisor who oversaw the Michigan operation was later promoted to the top post in the Washington, D.C. office, where he went on to oversee the Bureau’s investigation into January 6.

“Now, that is an incredibly suspicious fact pattern,” Beattie said. “It’s a hell of a

coincidence,” he added.

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