WATCH: Conservative Parents Protesting Against Critical Race Violently Arrested

June 23, 2021

Parents protesting against anti-white critical race theory and transgenderism indoctrination were violently arrested by police on Tuesday after a school board meeting was declared an “unlawful assembly.”

The incident occurred in pushed on their children in Loudoun County, Virginia, which sits near the Washington D.C.

According to Fox News, the comments went rather smoothly through the first half-dozen speakers who supported the 8040 proposal until the seventh speaker was booed for insulting Christian parents in the district who oppose the policy.

The woman, who identified herself as the mother of a transgender Loudoun student, had said that ‘hate’ was ‘dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room’ – which promoted the board to call a five-minute recess for parents to cool down.

Brenda Sheridan, the board chair, warned residents after the recess that members of the board had voted unanimously to end public comment if the room again became disruptive.

Residents approached the podium to weigh in on both sides of the transgender proposal – but others brought up several other high-profile incidents in the community.

Multiple parents asked the district to drop its appeal of a court order to reinstate teacher Tanner Cross, who was suspended after speaking out publicly against the proposal. They argued that fighting the judge is a waste of taxpayers’ money and doomed to fail. 

Another woman urged several board members, facing a recall effort, to resign and save taxpayers even more money. Others blasted a district official who allegedly made threatening Internet searches on a district smartphone.

Former state Sen. Dick Black, a Republican, excoriated the board over its treatment of Cross and allegations that progressive community members had organized a list of their conservative neighbors to harass and publicly shame.

The chamber erupted in cheers, prompting the board to vote 9-0 to end public comment for the rest of the meeting – which led to loud chants of “Shame on you” directed at the board and demands that members resign.

The large number of conservative parents in the room began singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” as board members filed out.

At least two people were arrested as parents cut off from speaking before the board remained in the room to deliver their prepared remarks to others in the crowd.

A total of 259 people signed up for public comments. Only 51 voices were heard.  

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