BIG WIN: Georgia Judge Allows Audit to Proceed & Names Fulton County Election Officials as Defendants

June 24, 2021

An order handed down by a Georgia judge on Thursday named several individual members of a county elections board as defendants in an election-related lawsuit, clearing the way for an inspection of the 2020 absentee ballots in Georgia’s largest county.

Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed several claims brought against governmental entities of Fulton County on sovereign immunity grounds, but he allowed the five members of Fulton County’s Board of Registration and Elections to be named defendants in the case. That means the audit of the mail-in ballots will proceed.

Bob Cheeley, an Atlanta-area lawyer serving as the lead attorney for two of the petitioners, told Just the News that the filing will help the complainants “get an audit and get to the truth” and that the audit will move forward following the decision. 

“This is a huge victory for everyone who wants to get to the truth about the way in which Fulton County mishandled the absentee ballot count,” he said on Thursday evening.

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  1. It’s a mystery to me how much money and effort the democrackheads are putting in to stop a forensic audit that will guarantee what they claim is the truth?

    If I new I was innocent of something, I would welcome an investigation.

    This massive resentment makes no sense.

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