BREAKING: Attorney Says Maricopa County Hid Major Voter Registration Breach From the Public

July 5, 2021

Attorney Mathew DePerno, who has been working on election audit issues in Michigan and elsewhere, just returned back from the Arizona audit on Sunday.

Today, he broke significant news exclusively on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

“There was a security breach of the voter registration servers in Arizona on November 3rd that the Secretary of State has known about and has hidden it. Maricopa County has also known about it,” DePerno said.

Individual voters in Arizona received notification that their data had been breached, according to DePerno, who says he’ll release evidence of the breach soon.


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  1. What time was the breach? If after voting had ended, they ;ilkeley went into the voter rolls to see WHO HADN’T VOTED, and VOTED FOR THEM! This is what people can do with computers.

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