UPDATE: Arizona Auditors Complete Third Count of Ballots

July 29, 2021

Election auditors working on the Arizona Senate-led investigation into the Maricopa County 2020 general election results, completed a third and final ballot recount late on Wednesday and prepared materials to return to county custody on Thursday.

Maricopa County officials arrived with trucks at the audit site Thursday morning to take custody of the materials.

“Maricopa County is picking up the nearly 2.1 million 2020 General Election ballots and other subpoenaed items today,” the department wrote on Twitter. “We expect to take two trips and much of the day to retrieve the subpoenaed items.”

The audit, started in April, will now shift gears and focus to producing a comprehensive report based on the results of the election machines and other voting material analyzed during the investigation.

The third recount came because the audit counts did not match the number certified by Maricopa County officials, Senate President Karen Fann (R) said earlier this month.

Fann is expected to release a comprehensive audit report by mid-August.

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