CNN TAPES: Coverup of Hunter Biden Story

Georgia’s Top Investigator Says Overflowing Urinal – Not Pipe Burst – Caused Delay in Counting

A declaration filed by Georgia’s top investigator for the Secretary of State’s Office says it was overflowing urinal — not a pipe burst — that caused Fulton County to delay counting at the State Farm Arena.

WATCH: Pollster Who Got Brexit Right Says It’s Impossible Biden Won with Less than 90% of the African American Vote

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Michigan Trump Supporter Says House Was Bombed

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Federal agents Raid Arizona Home in Voter-Data Theft Investigation

According to a report from Forbes, federal agents raided a home in the Fountain Hills area of Maricopa County, Arizona.

VIDEO: Governor Kemp stands with Chinese flag while begging for money.


Chicago teachers union tweets it’s racist, sexist, and misogynistic to open schools.

In a since deleted tweet, the Chicago’s teacher union didn’t mince words, claiming the push to reopen schools is rooted an unholy trifecta of….

Oof! Twitter tags Trump rally WiFi as ‘Disputed’

The press covering the Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday had to use the password “RiggedElection!” to access a WiFi network called “Make America Great Again.”

🔴 LIVE: Trump Bus tour in Des Moines, IA


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