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The Election from Hell: A Sampling of Irregularities and Suspect Events


The 2020 election results are riddled with irregularities and suspect problems. Below is a sampling of the issues. I’ll continued to update this list and likely add additional states as time permits.

A sampling of 2,044 voters by Voter Integrity Project showed 44 percent did not request an absentee ballot, even though they reportedly received one. Arizona law prohibits sending a ballot to a voter who has not requested one. The project also showed nearly 6,000 people voted in 2020 election who no longer met the state’s residency requirements. Moreover, the sampling revealed 157 people who voted twice.

Voter Integrity Project AZ

An analysis by Voter Integrity Project (VIP) shows more than 20,000 people voted in Georgia who did not meet the state’s residency requirements to vote. Biden’s margin of victory in Georgia is 12,670 votes. This one piece of data could flip the Peach State into Trump’s favor. VIP also showed 395 people voted twice over 1,200 used a post office as their home address, even though this is prohibited by state law.

Voter Integrity Project GA

Even though substantially more people voted by mail this year in Georgia, the state’s current mail-in ballot rejection rate is running extremely low at about 0.24%. The historical average is 3%. Why is the rejection rate, a figure that could flip the state to Trump, running so low?

Trump was leading Biden on election night in Georgia, but early in the morning on November 4, Fulton County (Atlanta) stopped counting. Election officials claimed a pipe burst at the State Farm Arena where ballots were being counted. But a subsequent open records request located no records or work orders relating to water main break at or near the arena.

According to state senator Doug Mastriano, the Pennsylvania Department of State posted the official results as showing that 1,823,148 ballots were mailed, of which 1,462,303 were returned. But the “grand total” of mail-in votes counted showed to be 2,589,242. That’s a difference of over one million votes between the number of mail-in ballots that showed to have been returned verses the number of mail-in ballots the state says it counted. The posting of this mass discrepancy in the numbers has since been deleted by election officials without explanation.

During the Pennsylvania legislative hearing, an expert computer scientist witness stated that state is missing 47 memory cards. Another expert witness stated that in one 90 minute peroid, Joe Biden received about 570,000 votes whereas Trump received a mere 3,200 votes, which is statically improbable. Watch the video here:

The Voter Integrity Project identified 1,400 people listed a post office as their home address in Pennsylvania, which is illegal. These people went one step further and used “Apt., “Suite,” “Unit,” etc. to conceal the true address.

According to an affidavit filed in King v. Whitmer, numerous precincts and townships reported substantially more ballots were cast than registered voters.

Wayne County reported 70% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards were out of balance by one to more than four votes without explanation. In other words, more votes were cast in these precincts than the number of people signed into vote.

According to data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield, the largest cluster of votes in Wayne County Michigan came from a psychiatric hospital for patients with severe mental illnesses.

A small random sample of 163 in the deceased voter dataset showed there two ballots were cast on behalf of dead individuals. Although the report of votes being submitted for deceased voters en masse cannot be substantiated, further work is needed to conclude exactly how many people voted on behalf of the deceased. There are
also instances of votes on behalf of deceased people being received, but rejected. Who is voting for the dead in Michigan?

The Voter Integrity Project discovered 8,443 people who voted in Nevada but did not meed the residency requirements to vote.

VIP Nevada

Nevada journalist Victor Joecks’ experiment shows Clark County (Las Vegas) failed to properly verify absentee ballots 89 percent of the time.

An analysis of Nevada’s congressional third district showed a massive 74% spike in faulty or incomplete voter registrations, with some voters listing casinos as their “home.” In 2016, the bad files were 68. In 2020, the bad voter files were more than 13,000.

Do you have more evidence of fraud or mismanagement? If so, leave a comment below.