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  1. Keep fighting for all of us!!! We are behind you and want it country and it’s freedoms saved.

  2. I think we need to continue the battle to prove all the Treasonous acts committed be all of the politics in office. We need to take these cases to a Military tribunal court and show no mercy on those found guilty of Treason.

  3. Waited all morning for powell/linwood speech only to be met with sporadic connections…had to stop listening. ANNOYING and INCOMPETENT!! IF you’re going to advertise something….get it right!!

  4. We need to organize by state… Need the ability to communicate freely… Resist, protest, demand new elections with supervision…GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU..!!

  5. You are an amazing source of accurate information! I would never have known this gathering existed. And NO networks covered it. Appreciate your knowledge and ability to share! My 93 year old mom was THRILLED to watch Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and team in Georgia today! She is true patriot!

  6. Treason has been committed by those who want to destroy our Democracy and they must be brought to justice! Trump won! We the people want them ALL brought to trial and punished to the. FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! The left, Democrats, the Rhinos, the crooked media apparently dont realize that this country is full of

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