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🔴 LIVE: Sidney Powell Argues Before Federal Court

UPDATE (12/7/2020 11:10 AM ET) — 🚨BREAKING: Judge Batten issues verbal order DISMISSING Sidney Powell’s #kraken lawsuit in Georgia. Judge says case should have been brought in state court. Judge also says plaintiffs should have brought suit months sooner.


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  1. Complete bullshit, this case like gore and Florida met be HEARDc there are Far reaching federal implications if we do not: thus judge was full of shit sticky because he’s a DEMONCRATZ. False narrative


    video reposted working as of 9 a.m. PST 12/7/2020

  3. I do not understand why a judge would permit even a hint of fraud being investigated. With all the evidence, in so many areas, unmistakable fraud was committed. The judge just plain didn’t want to be one to stop the certification. Just making up excuses to push off a decision so the election won’t be overturned.

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