Federal judge suggests he could overturn Massachusetts election results

December 16, 2020

BOSTON — A federal judge issued an order favorable to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the self-proclaimed inventor of email.

Shiva brought the suit himself, without an attorney, alleging election fraud during 2020 Massachusetts Republican primary. Dr. Shiva also asserts the government destroyed the ballot images following the election, in violation of federal law

Dr. Shiva sought to prevent Massachusetts from certifying the November 3rd general election results.

In his ruling, Judge Mark L. Wolf, a Ronald Reagan appointee, noted several proceedural defects with Shiva’s case. Judge Wolf pointed out that he could grant the state’s request to dismiss Shiva’s case. But the judge said he would not, and instead gave Dr. Shiva time fix the issues.

The state argued that in addition to the procedure problems, Dr. Shiva’s case is moot because Massachusetts has already certified its vote; therefore, Shiva’s attempt to stop certification is too late. But Judge Wolf disagreed, suggesting that Shiva’s case may not be moot because in the case of “exceptional circumstances,” the court posses the power to decertify the election results.

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Whether Dr. Shiva can fix the procedural flaws and move forward in proving his case remains to be seen. But today’s ruling signals that Dr. Shiva might just have found the one judge in America who’s willing to do what no other court has — overturn a fraudulent election.

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