LEAKED: ‘This is not a time for you to be investigating.’ Video shows Michigan official instructing workers to count ballots fraudulent ballots


From the Gateway Pundit:

Video from Central Lake Twp during the Antrim County recount, shows a male counter questioning “multiple ballots with the same signature.” According to attorney Matthew DePerno, 138 ballots had write-in-votes where the penmanship was exactly the same. The woman in green is state official and can be seen demanding that the counters ignore what they believe are fraudulent votes.

The hand recount showed President Trump actually won the county, even though election night reporting said he lost by some 3,000 votes.


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  1. You folks Are fantastic. You are the go to source for objective Election reporting in the United States.
    Big Tech and the mainstream media either, lie. shade the truth or refuse to print or cover the truth.
    What ever happened to true and honest reporting ?? I’m appalled by the extent of the lying and
    cover ups.

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