JUST IN: COVID Stimulus Bill Finalized


Per CNBC, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Congressional leaders have finalized agreement on nearly $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package.

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  1. Hey Wiz . . . the value you bring is good because it brings fast from lots of sources I don’t have time to visit.
    The value would be FANTASTIC if you go back to including source links.
    Now, if I want more than a summary, I have to search subject matters or people or dates or whatever – aggravating!
    If you go back to simple summaries on what’s happening along with a link to the source, I will send the donation I was about to send before you changed.

  2. A couple of months ago Nancy Pelosi literally scoffed at a $1.2T bill saying it wasn’t nearly enough. Now there’s a bill well under that…

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