SHOCKER: Facebook Paid More For Ballot Boxes in Democrat Areas Than Republican Places

Dark money and Democrats coordinated an assault on our election

December 21, 2020

A damning report released by the Amistad Project, a non-partisan election watchdog organization, alleges that absentee ballots boxes strongly favored the Biden campaign due to their locations.

It’s no secret that Big Tech heavily influenced the November election. As has been widely reported, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave hundreds of million to incentivize local election officials to rewrite election rules. The Zuckerberg election slush fund was reportedly funneled through an organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL).

Zuckerberg’s cash went almost exclusively to Democratic partisan organizations, which sponsored absentee ballot boxes, according to the report. “CTCL began sending agents into states to recruit certain Democrat strongholds to prepare grants requesting monies from CTCL,” Amistad alleges.

“Polling data revealed this coordinated assault on in-person voting generally favored Democrats who preferred to vote in advance, while placing Republicans, who preferred to vote in person, at a disadvantage,” the Amistad report reads.

The report notes that Amistad’s analysis found that “one drop box was places every four square miles and for every 4000 voters” in Delaware county, a staunchly Democrat area. In contrast, “in the 59 counties carried by Trump in 2016, there was one drop box for every 1,100 square miles and every 72,00 voters.”

The “Government encouraging a targeted demographic to turn out the vote is the opposite side of the same coin as government targeting a demographic to suppress the vote,” the report concludes. Do you agree?


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