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  1. I love it! I’ve been doing exactly the same thing. It’s been so maddening and sad to me that there have not been more people doing this. wake up!

    • Perfect. She is 100% accurate. This is pure insanity! People die every day from other diseases and where are their bleeding hearts for them.

    • If the masks are effective then the wearers are protected so by what right do these people have to shame someone into wearing a mask? Let the shammers stay home. If they are so terrified let them STAY HOME.

  2. I receently had a “Karen” try to pull this crap on me.
    Would not listen to any argument.
    I finally had to tell her to STFU – and I used the actual words. She nearly had the vapors.
    When she recovered, she tried again. I told her to call the police – I actually dared her to call them.
    She finally shut up and left me alone.

    Much, much more of that needs to happen.

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  4. I applaud that young woman! 100% agree with her.. communist try to make you feel guilty for common sense and exerting your rights.. if they want to wear a mask wear one let other people choose for themselves. Not protecting others when you refuse to wear a mask is BS!

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