BREAKING: Judge Bats Down Lin Wood’s Election Lawsuit, Says Wood’s Claims are ‘Astonishingly Speculative’

December 28, 2020

ATLANA — A federal court dismissed an attempt by attorney Lin Wood to block the upcoming Gregoria run-offs from taking place on January 5, 2021.

In the opinion, Judge Batten called Wood’s latest claims “astonishingly speculative” and said Wood could not show that he had suffered any harm yet. The judge said it was not enough that Wood claims that he could be harmed by voter fraud in the future.

“However, even taking his statements as true, Wood’s allegations show only the “‘possibility of future injury’ based on a series of events— which falls short of the requirement to establish a concrete injury,” Judge Batten wrote.

“These allegations plainly contemplate only the possibility of future harm and do not conclusively demonstrate a future injury. Wood’s claims regarding ongoing “systemic fraud” through use of the Dominion voting machines fare no better,” the judge continued.

The judge refused to grant Wood’s request to enjoin the Georgia Senate runoffs from taking place in early January.

Judge Batten is the same federal judge who dismissed Sidney Powell’s Georgia “Kraken” lawsuit in early December.


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