JUST-IN: Michigan Removes 177,000 Voters From Dirty Rolls After Legal Challenge

Joe Biden won Michigan by 154,000 votes

Feb. 18, 2021

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan secretary of state removed 177,000 inactive voters from the state’s voter rolls after settling a legal challenge last month, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Michigan removed voters who no longer lived in the state or did not respond to the state’s inquiries about their addresses, according to a press release.

Tony Daunt, a conservative activist, brought a lawsuit along with the Honest Elections Project against the state last year. Daunt alleged in Grand Rapids federal court that Michigan was violating a federal law that requires states to keep accurate voter registration lists.

In settling the suit, Michigan’s secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson (D), admitted that Wolverine State’s voter rolls have been a train wreck for years.

“The work that we are doing now will ensure the list of registered voters, which had gone over a decade without sufficient comprehensive efforts to ensure its accuracy, is updated and modernized with methods to promote integrity and prevent any eligible voter from disenfranchisement,” Benson said.

Jason Snead, head of the Honest Elections Project, which supported the lawsuit, said the state’s decision to remove the voters will help combat any allegations of voter fraud. “The last thing that we want is to create a system in which you could have widespread voter fraud or where it’s impossible to debunk false allegations of widespread voter fraud because you are undermining or failing to act on the necessary measures that help to prevent fraud and bolster confidence in the democratic process,” he said.

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  1. I was there in Detroit Mi, worked the polls absolutely absolutely disgusting the cheating and fraud were.

  2. Seems we need to change the certification on who won the State of Michigan.

  3. The obvious answer is to remove those 177k votes from the tally and see how that affects the final count. If the corrected count shows that Trump won, then the initial count should be declared invalid and Trump declared the LEGAL winner of the election.

  4. Uhhh, so 177K voters removed from the registered voter rolls and all they are going to have to say about it is “nothing to see here?” That could and would be the difference in the 2020 election right there. There must be an audit of each of those 177K ballots. This definitely affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential race, and maybe congressional races too.

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