1Win South Africa’s Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

By placing a bet, clients accept the terms and conditions of 1Win South Africa. Customers are required to place bets within their account balance limits. Exceeding the available funds in the account is not permitted as 1Win does not provide credit.

Bet Limits and Restrictions

1Win reserves the right to impose limits on both bets and winnings. Bets exceeding the account balance will not be accepted. Additionally, if potential winnings surpass the maximum profit limit, such bets will be deemed invalid.

Contradictory Bets

In cases where clients place ambiguous or contradictory bets, 1Win will distribute the total bet amount across all possible outcomes. If this procedure cannot be executed, those bets will be invalidated. The decision by 1Win in these situations is final and binding.

Game Selection and Odds

Details regarding game selection, bet types, cyber sports events, outcomes, and odds are described in separate terms and conditions specific to each event. 1Win may amend these terms at any time without prior notice.

Types of Bets

Clients at 1Win can place single bets, system bets (combined bets), and express bets (parlay bets).

Invalid Bets and Account Integrity

Bets may be invalid if placed incompletely or without specific details. 1Win reserves the right to cancel all bets suspected of being part of a series of similar bets or if collusion with third parties is suspected. Multiple bets on the same result are treated as separate bets, but 1Win can refund these at its discretion.

Bet Validity and Live Betting

Bets are considered valid upon online registration and confirmation. Changes or withdrawals are not permitted post-acceptance. When placing live bets, clients should account for potential broadcast delays. Disputes regarding bet timings will be resolved based on the service logs maintained by 1Win.

Suspension and Cancellation

1Win has the authority to suspend or cancel bets on any game or betting line at any time without prior notice or explanation.

Bet Acceptance Conditions

Bets are accepted according to upcoming event lists and specified odds. Conditions of already-placed bets will not change, even if the odds change over time. Bets cannot exceed the account balance, and bets placed after an event has started are invalid unless they are live bets.

Event Timing and Bet Calculation

The indicated date and time of an event are informative. Actual event start times are used to calculate bets. 1Win is not responsible for any discrepancies in team names, event locations, or player names.

Staff Errors and Technical Issues

In cases of staff errors or technical malfunctions affecting the betting line, 1Win may unilaterally annul bets or contracts. Once a bet is confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled due to technical errors or connection failures.

Account Management

Clients are entitled to one gaming account, although exceptions may be made by 1Win administrators. Sharing account details with others is prohibited.

Betting Range and Outcomes

1Win offers a variety of outcomes for betting, including home team wins, away team wins, draws, handicaps, totals, and qualifications for subsequent rounds. Special types of bets like Asian handicaps and double totals are also available.

Special Conditions and Postponements

If an event is postponed for over 36 hours, bets are refunded at odds of 1 unless specified otherwise. Bets remain valid if a match is moved to a different venue in the same city. Annulled or altered results (due to doping, protests, etc.) do not affect original bets.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes must be submitted in writing within ten calendar days of the event result. 1Win will respond within 30 days, and the company’s decision is final.

Anti-Fraud Policy

1Win employs a strict anti-fraud policy. This includes monitoring for collusion, strategy development through dishonest means, multiple accounts, and any other fraudulent activities. Accounts suspected of fraud may have their funds withheld and operations suspended.

User Obligations

Users must familiarize themselves with and adhere to 1Win’s rules, keep account details secure, avoid fraudulent activities, and use all 1Win functions only after registration and verification.

Intellectual Property

All elements of the 1Win website, including graphics, design, text, software, and multimedia, are protected by intellectual property laws. Users are not granted any rights to use these materials without permission.

Changes to Terms

1Win may update these terms and conditions at any time. Users are responsible for staying informed of any changes.

By participating in betting activities with 1Win South Africa, clients agree to these terms and conditions and acknowledge that they are subject to change without prior notice.