Critical Hearing on Election Fraud in Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona Republicans will hold a hearing at a hotel in downtown Phoenix on Monday to discuss irregularities in the Nov. 3 election. Numerous issues were discovered by the Voter integrity Project. https://tinyurl.com/yxh92m33

The event has been billed as a “fact-finding hearing” featuring members of Trump’s legal team and members of the Arizona Legislature.

A similar event was held Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in which compelling evidence of fraud and abuse were revealed. The hearing prompted numerous Pennsylvania legislators to call for the withdrawal of the certification of the certification of the state’s presidential electors and a resolution to take back the legislature’s role in appointing electors.

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Despite a concerted effort by Big Tech and mass media to suppress evidence of election fraud, the public inquiries hold promise in shedding light on the problematic election results.

A similar hearing is expected to take place in Michigan, although the details have not been released yet. There is no word on whether Georgia, a state riddled with election issues, will hold a public injury.

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