Georgia timeline shows massive spike in Biden votes after GOP watchers were sent home

Last week, CCTV video was released that purports to show a handful of Georgia election workers pulling containers of ballots out from underneath a table and counting them after everyone else was dismissed from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

A vote tabulation timeline, shows a massive spike in Biden votes occurred during the approximate two hours where workers at the arena were allegedly counting ballots after partisan watchers and the media were dismissed.

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    • He imposes martial law I am the first one in line to insist he be removed fron the country. Whats wrong with you? Martial law does not live in a free country i dont care what side if the fence you live on.

      • Martial Law isabsolutely extraordinary, THOUGH WIDESPREAD ELECTIONS FRAUD after 1AM (andEVIDENT in past 20 YEARS from DEMS) is LITERALLY OVERTHROWING our US and State gov’ts with FRAUDULENT elections. THAT should NEVER be allowed in a FREE COUNTRY. (NOTE: at 1AM, I did SCREENSHOTS to show: Trump lead the Electoral Votes, and statistically HUGE leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania UNTIL the fraud from DEM Poll Workers kicked in between 1AM-6:631AM. Its BULL to IGNORE HUNDREDs of WITNESS Testimonies, pictures, videos and supposed LOST USB drives.

  1. That is a really thorough analysis that should allow, if anyone bothered, for following the time back to specific batches including the tabulation center. Of course, this is what a full audit is about. If the tabulators and the officials are innocent they should be interested in tracking this information themselves and proving their innocence. Innocence always seeks the light and transparency.

  2. Please correct me if i am wrong here: I can see smaller vote dumps during the night when there was a lot more staff at the facility.
    My point is: how can 4 staff literally count double the amount of votes in a short period that a room full of staff previously.
    Am i missing something here?
    I cannot see numbers on graphic, so i cannot do the math to determine how many votes they put thru compared to previous full staff.
    Also i have not seen the whole footage, so how many other suitcases were dragged out during the late count? How many actual votes can fit into one of those suitcases
    My point is: If no other suitcases were dragged out in video, and the numbers put thru technically impossible due to the number of ballots in 4 suitcases, there is evidence of multiple scanning right there.
    Questions to ask: How many ballots can fit into a ballot suitcase
    Compare the speed of the 4 late staff compared to full staff processing.
    In the “night-shift” exactly how many ballot boxes were emptied and can those ballot boxes vote volumes be explained in the numbers put thru the machines?

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