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BREAKING: Georgia senators introduce petition calling for Special Session

On Saturday, four Georgia state senators released petition calling for a Special Session. The goal of the petition is to gather enough signatures from lawmakers such that a special session can be held to confront election fraud issues plaguing Georgia.

In Georgia, the legislature may convene a special session if it presents to the governor a petition signed by three-fifths of the members of each house. The lawmakers must also give a copy to the secretary of state.

We believe we have reached the point that the results of this election are untrustworthy,” stated Sen. Burt Jones. “Such pervasive disregard for election laws by our election officials requires a decisive response. It is time for our legislative body to do its job.”

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  1. Hope and pray for success. The evil is strong in GA but righteousness is stronger. Pray for GA

    • This isn’t a type or petition. It’s a physical legislative document that must be signed by 3/5th of the Senators. Republicans hold a majority in the State Senate, but not a 3/5th majority. The only hope is if Governor Kemp declares a special session.

      • Not following you. If they hold a majority, would that not be 3/5 or greater?

  2. My dear god let it go. One of the most difficult lessons to learn in life is to learn to let go. You lost! Biden won! Don’t be a sore loser and pray to god for your own selfish interests. Respect the people. Respect Democracy. We ALL voted and we know the result. WE WANT TRUMP GONE FOREVER!

    • All the cheating liberals who rigged the elections across the country deserve to be prosecuted for felony and treason. You know who you are and you stole votes from others. We will never give up or “let it go”! Rigged elections don’t belong in this country as well as those who rigged it. You will be found and prosecuted regardless of your media and hi tech backers. You will all go DOWN.

  3. TherylMcoy
    You all voted at least 20x each. Fraud. Illegal. Cheater. The only way a liberal can win is by stealing votes. Thieves.

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