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BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court Dismisses Trump Lawsuit

12/14/20 | 12:13 ET

MADISON — In a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed President Trump’s lawsuit seeking to invalidate roughly 220,00 votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties.

The court stated that it would not made a blanket invalidation of ballots cast under the status of indefinitely confined, as President Trump had sought. Regarding other challenged ballots, the court said President Trump waited too long in bringing his challenge.

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But in another opinion released this morning, the court held that Wisconsin election officials were in error to suggest that voters could claim the status of “indefinitely confined” based on COVID-19. The majority decision in that case, Jefferson v. Dane County, also held that if voters falsely claimed they were indefinitely confined “their ballots would not count.” However, the court said a case-by-case determination must be made before tossing ballots.

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  1. They know it’s fraud and I watched that hearing and they were biased and rude I knew then they vote against trump and against America and the constitution

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