Group tells GOP leaders their days are numbered unless they fight for Trump

Ali Alexander told GOP leaders to embrace Trumpism or face extinction

December 19, 2020

PHOENIX — Ali Alexander, the leader of the #StopTheSteal movement, a group dedicated to fighting for President Trump, issued an ultimatum to the leadership of the Republican Party today: Fight for Trump, or be destroyed.

Ali’s remarks came at a rally in Arizona. “We will not go quietly. We’ll shut down this country if we have to,” Ali told the crowd.


Ali called on “ordinary people” to do “extraordinary things.” Ali said he’s spoken to GOP leaders and made it clear that the success of the GOP runs through the MAGA-wing of the Republican Party.

At the Phoenix rally, Ali told Republicans to embrace “Trumpism” or face extinction. Ali promised a hostile takeover at state GOP conventions and said, “I’m the captain now,” a reference to a scene in Captain Phillips, where Somalia pirates capture an American cargo ship.

Stop the Steal has hosted numerous protests across the country over the past seven weeks. The Phoenix rally featured Arizona GOP chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, Congressman Andy Biggs who joined by phone, and numerous members of the Arizona state legislatures.

Watch Ali’s remarks

The protest was hosted in response to the decision by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors not to comply with legislative subpoenas to turn over their Dominion voting machines for a forensic audit.

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  1. Please provide a list of RINOs in the Senate, House and governors with the statements and/or actions that qualify them to be on the RINO list.

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