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FIRST LOOK: Here’s the initial list of Senators that may join Hawley in objecting on Jan. 6

January 1, 2021

According to CNN sources, the list includes Blackburn, Braun, Cruz, Haggerty (TN), Inhofe, Johnson, Kennedy, Lankford, Lummis (WY), Marshall (KS), and Tuberville.

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  1. Courage to fight for what is right and honorable is in
    line with all those who lost their lives in defending freedom. To ignore the call of duty now is to make a sham
    of every life list. To ignore the call of duty after swearing to uphold the Constitution is a tragedy creating a wound which will never heal.

  2. I get the feeling this is window dressing.
    The Senatorial version of virtue signal8ng.

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