NRA declares bankruptcy and moves to Texas

Jan. 16, 2021

The National Rifle Association announced that it intends to restructure as a nonprofit based in Texas and has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections.

“The move will enable long-term, sustainable growth and ensure the NRA’s continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom — free from the toxic political environment of New York,” the gun advocacy group said in a statement Friday.

The NRA added that it has been incorporated in New York for approximately 150 years.

“This strategic plan represents a pathway to opportunity, growth and progress,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said in a statement. “Obviously, an important part of this plan is ‘dumping New York.’ The NRA is pursuing reincorporating in a state that values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and will join us as a partner in upholding constitutional freedom.”

LaPierre described the decision Friday as a “transformational moment in the history of the NRA.”

The move comes after the NRA was sued by New York Attorney General Letitia James in a bid to dissolve the group.

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