Judge may unseal Fulton County absentee ballots for fraud investigation

March 16, 2021

A Georgia judge may unseal absentee ballots in Fulton County so a government watchdog can investigate allegations of voting fraud in the November election.

A lawsuit filed in Fulton County Superior Court contends that fraudulent ballots were cast and other irregularities occurred as workers counted ballots at State Farm Arena on election night.


Those allegations were dismissed by the secretary of state’s office. But, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero — who is overseeing the case — said he’s inclined to order the ballots to be unsealed and reviewed by experts hired by Garland Favorito, a voting-integrity advocate.

At Monday’s hearing, Judge Amero said he’s willing to order the absentee ballots to be unsealed if he’s assured their security will not be compromised. He requested a detailed plan, including who would review the ballots, how they would analyze them and how they would secure them.


The judge discussed a protective order that would prohibit the plaintiff’s experts from disclosing their work without permission from the court. And he plans to appoint a “special master” — perhaps a retired superior court judge — to oversee the analysis.


If the Judge grants it, the review of ballots could begin in late April.

“I can’t sign an order until such time as I’m satisfied that the manner and method (of review) proposed by the petitioners is reasonable,” the judge said.

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