YouTube Retroactively Censors Scott Adams Over ‘False Election Claims’

March 16, 2021

Legendary cartoonist, master persuader, and political commentator Scott Adams told his audience that YouTube retroactively removed two of his videos because they contained comments regarding the 2020 election.

Adams, the author of “Loser Think,” said I’ve suspects YouTube is setting him up for a punishment that could lead to his channel being banned from the Google-owned platform.


During his March 15 livestream, Adams said YouTube informed him that two of his January videos “promoted false election claims” and were therefore removed.

Per its common practice, YouTube provided no explanation on what specifically Adams said that triggered its censors. Adams objected to the videos being smeared as promoting false election claims and said, “I don’t even have a guess why I got censored.”


“They’re saying we’re not going to give you a strike because you probably didn’t know you did anything wrong. But what happens the next time?” Adams asked.

Then next time, can they not say, ‘We warned you’? I feel like they could, because they did warn me but they didn’t tell me what it was that I did. So I don’t have the option of avoiding it because I don’t know what it was. Now, do you see what’s happening? … Doesn’t that look like a setup to you?”


In preparation for one day being canceled, Adams offered a preemptive apology, which he offered to his audience free of charge. The Wiz promptly responded by preemptively accepting Adams’s advanced apology.

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