Popular YouTuber Announces Bid for Canadian Parliament

July 22, 2021

Known as Viva Frei to millions, popular Canadian YouTuber David

Freiheit announced his campaign for Parliament on Thursday.

Freiheit, a former lawyer, hosts a popular YouTube channel called VivaFrei, where he gives commentary on political and legal matters in Canada and the United States.

The channel has garnered over 97,730,609 views since its inception.

One of the more popular shows is a weekly streams is called “Viva & Barnes” with famed American attorney Robert Barnes. The two also host a Locals page with a large and active community.

Freiheit is aligned with the People’s Party of Canada’s (PPC). The PPC is a right-leaning populist party headed by Maxime Bernier. Freiheit seeks to represent the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district in Montreal’s West End.

Freiheit’s campaign bio says he was born and raised in Montreal, and is the youngest of five children in a family of lawyers.

Freiheit’s campaign page reads:

David never thought he would find himself running for political office, but he also never thought that he would find himself in a Canada where the government would lock people in their homes, shut down their businesses, force children to wear facemasks, prohibit international and interprovincial travel, and even forcibly detain Canadians in government facilities without any due process.

Freiheit says under its current leadership, Canada has become unrecognizably, and he intends to do everything he can to make his country glorious and free again.

You can visit his campaign site by clicking here.

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