Supreme Court Will Allow Subpoena of Trump’s Tax Returns


WASHINTON, D.C. – After four months of inaction, the Supreme Court handed down a one-sentence unsigned order declining former president Trump’s request to further postpone enforcement of a Manhattan District Attorney subpoena for his financial records.

The DA subpoenaed records from Mazars—an accounting firm with a decades-long relationship with Trump’s business—but Trump sued in an attempt to block the release.

Today’s order clears the way for a New York grand jury to obtain the records and review them in secret.

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  1. In what way is this not a violation of the 4th amendment? What crime specifically are they demanding these records to investigate?

    SCOTUS is reacting in fear to the mob and that is going to lead to further right violations.

  2. Trump is a private citizens. His tax records are also then private. It is still nothing more than an illegal fishing expedition. If Trump did something wrong, the IRS wouldh ave already been on him.

  3. The American Republic has fallen, the Rule of Law does not exist anymore , the 4th A would preclude a fishing expedition, but we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, we live in a globalist authoritarian oligarchy.

  4. Yep. Big shocker here, right sports fans? A bigger target has never been painted on one person!

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